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The Newbeats had a #2 hit in 1964 with "Bread & Butter." Their lead singer made it to the #1 spot 25 years later in 1989 with a Grammy winning song (Record of the Year) he co-wrote for someone. Name the Newbeat and his song:

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Answers to last weeks trivia contest:

Mario Cipolina, brother of John from Quicksilver Messenger Service started a band in San Francisco with Hugh Cregg III that went on to have 3 #1 singles. The name of the band is of course Huey Lewis and The News and their #1 songs are "The Power of Love,""Stuck With You," and "Jacob's Ladder." Please take this moment to push back from your chairs, stand up and yell a mighty "Huzzah" for each of the following musical scholars who at least got part of the answer right: Rich Hyland,Binki Van Zak, George Castleberry, Eddie Rivera, Paul Bateman, Lee Lodyga, and Robert Hadley. A trip for two to the Valley awaits our grand prize winner Clark Pardee who got 'em all right!