Record Boy Checklist:


Hey look. Record Boy understands you're busy. Too busy to be reading thoughtful reviews about music. So in an effort to accommodate us all, Record Boy ain't gonna take up a bunch of your time and in the true spirit of a "Checklist" the Music Industry's Only Superhero is going to provide you with a list of music you should be listening to. Click on the links or the album covers to listen to some tracks. Record Boy is so sure that you're going to like it, that he makes this guarantee: If your ears are not satisfied with what you hear, Record Boy will be disappointed. Guaranteed!!

Robert Plant- Alison Kraus  

Raising Sand


Ok, to answer your first question: no, there is no Zeppelin era caterwauling here. To answer your second question: I don't know who's brainstorm this project was but it works somehow. Granted it has a few problems. It's not the greatest A and R job ever done; the first half of the album seems relentlessly dark and some of the songs are obscure for a reason. That said, Record Boy smiled several times in the course of listening to this album and "Your Long Journey" gave me goose bumps. Give this T-Bone Burnett production a shot!




Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, James Cotton

Breakin' It Up & Breakin' It Down

There are rappers who can't spit as many words out as James Cotton does on "Caledonia."

A great live romp!


Linda Ronstadt - Ann Savoy  

Adieu False Heart


Beautiful singing and playing with well crafted songs. What else do you need to know?


The Killers Sam's Town


On their follow up to their debut, Vegas's finest move out of the 80s and adopt a harder rocking more sophisticated sound. Great career move making your sophmore effort better than your first!


Kasabian  Empire


Hmmm. It would appear Kasabian and the Killers have something in common. They both took the time to follow up their acclaimed debuts with even stronger records. This is either a trend or it only applies to bands whose name's start with "K."


Marisa Monte  Universo ao Meu Redor 


Marisa Monte wraps her beautiful voice around a smorgasbord (do they have those in Brazil?) of sambas. She performs sambas from different generations including her own and co produced the record as well.



David Bromberg  Try Me One More Time


Those of us who treasure David Bromberg's virtuosic (but quirky) take on the blues and other American music have had to wait 17 years for this release. Worth the wait.


John Hammond   Push Comes to Shove


John Hammond plays some of the best acoustic blues you'll ever hear. On "Push Comes To Shove" however he plays electric blues with ferocity. Produced by G.Love (of Special Sauce fame), this record rocks!