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my favorite songs.

how cool. 

I'll start with some now.



some favorite radio songs by people whose names i might not remember...



wild fire

united we stand

oogum boogum

you are everything...the stylistics

have you seen her?

we gotta get you a woman ..todd rundgren

mississippi queen  ..mountain

rebel rebel  ....bowie

alright now ...free

bad company.... bad company

lovers concerto

black is black ...los bravos

dancin queen...abba

the chumbawumba song about i get knocked down..

born on the bayou  . . . creedance..

low rider....war

slippin into darkness.... war

cisco kid....war

if you want me to stay .. . . sly and the family stone

you really got me....kinks


cat named dog 


my criteria is

would i sit in the car and listen to this before i shut off the motor?

yes.  absolutely, every time.


Beatles can't be in this list because they transcend radio.

album cuts will be a different list,

as well as show tunes.

hey that was fun. thanks.




Rickie Lee Jones