The Beatles White Album  - the first Beatles album I ever owned. I set the speakers on either side of my head and cranked up "yer blues" so George's guitar solo knifed through my head. I know this album.


Elvis Costello - Get Happy - The songs on this used to go by so quickly. And then

I started listening to it late at night. I would finish a writing assignment at

4 or 5 AM and then have to wait a couple of hours to deliver it.  In that quiet,

clear time of the night/morning, the songs became crystal clear. (Even though I

still don't know what they all mean.)


Richard Shindell - Sparrow's Point   A great engaging voice. He writes songs

that seemed to fit my life. Songs that make me cry. Songs about people I knew.

He also plays guitar the way I wish I could.


Randy Newman - Bad Love   Surprisingly, an album from the present. Randy Newman

being Randy Newman. But Randy Newman is now a bit older. These are songs that

ache, but are fun to listen to. A couple of these also make me cry. A must for

any collection. I hope it lasts.


Elvis Presley - self-titled (the one with When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again,

Paralyzed, etc)   First in Line haunts me. My parents owned this. I learned it

early. Not his out and out rock and roll, but more subtlety. A great album


There are a lot more albums and/or CDs I'd take, but I figure the rest of the

survivors each has five of their own, and maybe we could share...

J. Dean