When Jay Meets Paul...

Hello Beatle People,

Just a quick e-mail to tell you about last night...

Went to the Paul McCartney listening party at the House Of Blues in Hollywood. (My friend Rob works in the mastering studio at Capitol and I went as his "date").

I called Rob earlier in the day yesterday to confirm our plans. He told me that he'd seen Paul and that he'd arrived at Capitol studios (basement of the goofy looking building on Hollywood & Vine) two days prior to work on b-sides for "Run Devil Run" singles. Drove up in a black corvette with James.

I went over at about 6PM. Rob took me on a tour of the studio where all of Paul's gear (basses, amps etc.) was all packed up and ready to move out (Paul is performing at the PETA benefit tonight here in L.A.). The cases all said MPL or PINK FLOYD (David Gilmore & Co. are his backing band for the album and subsequent shows).

We got to the HOB at about 7PM and it was a madhouse. Beatle fans from all over were gathering outside. The line to get in for this "invitation only" party was all the way around the building.

The food was prepared from Linda McCartney's veggie recipes, "veggie hot dogs", "veggie tacos" etc. I tried the dogs, tasted remarkably like gasoline.

Roy Lott, president of Capitol came out and introduced a 5 minute video on the making of "Run Devil Run". Paul explained why he chose the tunes and what they meant to him. After the video Paul took the stage. The crowd went nuts. He had to wait for the noise to die down a bit before he could speak. He was visibly moved by the reaction.

He talked about how the Beatles used to record in the early days... arrive at 10AM on Mondays to meet with George Martin and begin the recording process. He said they'd begin to knock out two songs in the earlier part of the day and maybe finish them in the evening. There might be 20 songs finished in a week (unheard of today). He introduced the new album and left the stage as we listened and watched stills of photos and drawings on the video monitors.

After it was finished playing, Paul was presented with a plaque for selling over 60 million records. The crowd again was so enthusiastic, you could tell he didn't want to leave (I think he said goodnight a half dozen times before finally leaving).

He looked healthy and happy. The wit and humor are as strong as ever (someone was trying to hand him an album to sign and he said "No thanks, I've got that one!").

Tons of celebrities and former bandmates came out to wish him well including Brian Wilson.

If you haven't heard the new record I know you're going to love it. His voice sounds better than ever.

Just thought I'd share last night with you!