Just the fact that he played every instrument on "McCartney" is enough for me.




comments:  Flowers in the Dirt is a fully realized CD that combines the best of what Paul McCartney is and does.

>From teaming up with Elvis Costello for two melodic and strident songs to the lush tunage of Motor of Love.

Sorry, this is one great CD for McCartney fans and non-Mccartney fans alike.

I'm just saying....




comments: I think (and of course it's opinion). "Ram" is a very cohesive album. I know that MOST of his albums have been non-cohesive (and that's an opinion too) but this one to me is a full fledged album from start to finish. His voice was at it's prime, his songwriting was shall we say above normal for him. He also experimented with his voice and studio tricks (i.e. "Monberry moon delight" and "Uncle Albert"). Even albums like "Band on the Run" which for some wierd reason got the blessing of the masses don't measure up to Ram in my book. Maybe someday the masses will join me in holding Ram in high esteem until then I'll crank it up every now and again and be reminded how great it is.





comments:  Band on the Run, Flowers in the Dirt and Flaming Pie are not classics, but do they count as "cohesive"? I think so.  Not every song is a "Maybe I'm Amazed", but the guy can still sing like a rocker and write a decent tune when he puts his heart into it. Give the Bass player some...







comments: You'd be out of your mind if you said "no".  And deaf.  I propose 'Ram' for a start, then 'Band On The Run' as a follow up.  'Press To Play' is another fine platter (listen to it) - and I'll take 'Venus & Mars' as a pop classic, if Wings records count.  (If so, I love 'London Town' too, although I wouldn't expect anyone who'd ask an inane question such as "has Paul made a cohesive album since 'Abbey Road'" to realise that.)  'Abbey Road' is actually one of The Beatles' weakest - "Octopus' Garden" is one of the ten worst songs of all time.  Period.  "Here Comes The Sun" & "Something" are lovely & "I Want You" & "Come Together" rock - but, gee, Paul didn't write any of those...so what's your point?  Paul's solo records have more hits than misses - and the misses are quite often better than many other people's best work.  So, put that in your Pipe Of Peace & smoke it.




comments: Does RAM count?


The evening lights are pretty

we may end up in Mexico City


And listen to

her daddy's song

We believe that we can't be wrong


sittin in the back seat of my

car (bar? guitar? jar?)

That song is still in my head.


I remember liking that album.

Although nobody has covered

Monkberry Moon Delight yet.  Would be a good one for FRANK!


Squeaky Pete Best








comments:  As stellar as he is, Paul McCartney is an embarrassment to me, a 30+years Beatle fan.


He needed the acid-balance of John Lennon to shine.


It is indeed sad, perhaps tragic. Sorry Benj.




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comments:  Well Sure!!!! I can't remember the title, but, it was sheer GENIUS!!! He did some show tunes on it, and a couple of things for some soundtrack....then he announced he was going to try to direct a film, after having some roles as an actor,

and had been hanging around LA for quite some time and,.....oh......ah.....wait a minute...you said McCartney didn't you? I thought you said Paul WILLIAMS..........Sorry......


In response to a "Sound Off" question I just ran across: "Does a Paul McCartney album lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?"


I agree big time that "Ram" is a great album. (One of my all time faves)  Of course, it's a Paul AND Linda McCartney album, but why nitpick?  It was the first album I ever bought in a shopping mall (forgive me for I knew not what I was doing) and for some reason it always sounds better in the summer.  "Band on the Run" is a classic and I also really dig "Back to the Egg."  "Press to Play" is very underrated and if you put the best parts of "Flowers in the Dirt" and "Off the Ground" together you'd have one killer LP.  So I think the finally tally is 2 great albums and a few good ones, but he really could use John around to tell him that "Biker Like An Icon" is a real stinker.


Danny Lakin