Neville Brothers response:


I saw them at Tipatina's on a hot, sultry night in about 1991.  As Benj K said, the set consisted of:


"They played a few older songs, a

few new ones, some cover tunes, Aaron would trade off lead vocals with his brothers, there was some meaningless jam sessions, and that was it"


Maybe it was the night, the moon (yellow of course!), or the atmosphere (totally drenched with sweat, dancing with a babe that I had met in the waiting line), or the fact that it was in their "home" club, but I had a much different experience - one of my rock-and-roll lifetime highlights!


I heard them play virtually the same set in a WXRT broadcast live from Navy Pier a few years later and it was definitely not the same.


As a curious post-mortem on how life goes on, yesterday I decided it was time to wax my car and the rag that showed up on top of the pile was the remnants of a Tipatina's t-shirt that I must have bought that night!


- Bill Homer