The BlueStone Series, Volume 1

Hey Record Boy!

So (my new) the Don Haney Band is playing at a Torrance club called the

Crest, last Thursday night. With the high-energy music that Don plays, especially with our 'new' band, Jeff Stone, harp, Andre Collins, keyboards and vocals, and Chris White, bass, Don's music is taking off to another level...

In between sets one and two of a night that started slow, but quickly picked up, energy-wise as well as crowd involvement, another one of those 'special' blues moments happened for this harp player.

I'm standing by the kitchen, sipping my tonic water and lime juice, talking with Andre, when this lady approaches me, with that look/smile that tells you that she is about to/wants to say something to you.

"You're from Chicago, aren't you?" she says, as much a statement as a question. " Yes I am!" I reply, trying to be cool in my response, but smiling, (as my ego soaks in the recognition).

"I can tell by the way you play, which by the way, is very good. You can tell, by watching you, that you're deeply into it."

"Thank you very much," I say, trying to contain my head from swelling; trying to still be cool.

"Listen," she says, "I've been around harp players for over 30 years and you should know that you are very good. I only wish the best for you. I hope you keep doing what you're doing."

"My name is Jeff Stone," I say, extending my hand. I loved this lady. "My name is Mrs. William Clarke," she says, with a proud tone, but sadness deep in her eyes, (William passed away a few years ago.)

"That would make you Jeanette," I say.

We spend the rest of the break time talking about William, what a great harp player he was and how he is missed, by all who knew him, played with him, and appreciated his style.

I introduced Mrs. William Clarke at the beginning of the next set, dedicated the rest of the evening to her and William. We played inspired music the rest of the evening.

On a purposeful slow blues, during that set, I pulled out all my stuff, dedicating the best harp stuff I could gather at that time, with that band, that night, and sang (with my harp) for Jeanette.

She got up from her table, teary-eyed, went to the rest room, came back, sat down and finished listening. After that song, I went over to her, asked her to stand, once again, for the crowd to recognize her and William. We hugged, she cried with happy/sad tears. My heart was wide-open. The spirits were once again flowing through, an artist as vehicle for the spirits to speak, through my music.

God I love playing.....