In Memory of Mark Sandman

I first saw the band 'Morphine' at the The Trocadero, an old strip club in Phila. At that time I thought they were one of the most innovative new bands I had heard in a decade. Nothing has happened since to change my mind. I had the opportunity to see them again at a club across from Wrigley Field a couple years back when I went back to Chicago for a conference. I took the afternoon off to go see the Cubbies and thought about how great it would be to stop into a few of the local establishments after the game and then weave my way back to the club and spend the night listening to the band. I opted for the Friday night conference ceremonies instead. I'm sorry I did.

As you probably know by now, Mark Sandman, frontman and bass player for the band died Saturday during a concert in Europe. He was 47.

"...don't you worry about the day glow orange life preserver, it won't save you, it won't save, swim for the shore a quick as you are able....sharks patrol these waters."



Jeff Z.