Record Boy,

This is too bad for your friend Jeff Lynne, but I hope he knows how great he sounded this time out.  Just because the demographics of the current concert climate hasn’t meshed with his goals to present the best show possible, it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t touched a lot of his fans over the past year.   The album sounded great, his voice and material was stronger than ever, and the live act that I caught in LA at the PBS taping was really spectacular. 

JL is an inspiration and breath of fresh air from the “boy-band” pop mentality of today’s radio.  He’s proven over and over that well crafted, sonically-superior songs win out over the flash-in-the-pan, manufactured hit machines.   His songs are timeless, and I hope he gets back out on the stage, or in the studio soon.  The world needs more Jeff Lynne! 

Benjamin Krepack